In nascere , the word that best defines us is custom-made, if we add to it as part of the company philosophy , quality, functionality and design , the result is that nascere is an innovative company with the widest range of GEL COAT products manufactured in the domestic market.

Our product range is wide because we do custom projects , adapting our products to the needs of customers both in actions and finishes .

The basic products are:

  •  Countertops as option and choose the desired color.
  •  Different models of sinks.
  •  Steel structures for washbasin and sidewalks as .
  •  Auxiliary wide range , being able to make almost all of them as (shelves , mirrors , stools, trolleys , towel racks and storage compartment etc .
  •  Shower trays different finishes. Are made to measure and in any RAL color the customer wants .
  • Features GEL COAT

Our products can withstand the following extremes:

  •  Weathering .
  •  Marine environments. ( Immersion in seawater )
  •  High temperatures.
  •  Salt solutions .
  •  Acids .

Y has the following characteristics:

  •  Excellent hardness ,
  •  Great color retention after long exposures mentioned in aggressive environments,
  •  Class 3 slip ,
  •  Anti- bacterial .