Who Whe Are

Nascere identifies with contemporary design and innovation , straight and simple forms , eliminating all that is not necessary for our users. We like to think we have achieved harmony between the simple , beautiful and functional.

The culmination of this strategy of differentiation has been the recent launch of our nascere 10 catalog. Our goal: to differentiate ourselves from all that is currently on the market is a benchmark of quality, elegance, and simplicity.

We have initiated a phase of internationalization that has led us to export to countries which so far are the pioneers in design, such as Russia , Italy and France where our product is having a great success. The company is now a leader of the new proposals of the country to the outside. Successfully meet the demands of a growing market that demands a high level of quality, in accordance with current regulations.

We focus on creating products with resin and wood finishes GEL COAT contributing to the bathroom the perfect integration between the present design , innovation and quality . The GEL COAT is an innovative and practical material , which gives a fine texture and feel , while a high resistance to scratching and wear.

The pillars of our offer are for DESIGN side and on the other hand, FLEXIBILITY and providing solutions tailored to our customers, offering any dimension as both finished in any RAL of your choice. And finally, QUALITY , trying to improve every day our manufacturing processes and products to meet the needs of today’s market .

Ultimately nascere understand space in the bathroom as a reflection of the personality of each individual must be paramount and where the search for wellbeing through design , aesthetics and functionality.